Ananda Reddy

When Ananda Reddy appointed himself as the “Director” of Auroville.



Active propaganda behind the scenes:

Ananda Reddy who has to earn his bread in order to keep his businesses alive, was one of the first ones to realize that controversies might be good for authors but not so good for those who have to make a living, particularly for those whose business activities depend on rubbing shoulders with academicians, scholars, administrators of reputed institutions, etc., on whom his reputation and his businesses depend. After making a short public appearance in the early days of the controversy that was designed to malign Peter Heehs, the Managing and other Trustees and members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust (S.A.A.T.) , Ananda Reddy went underground, disappearing from the public glare, particularly when things didn’t go the way he and his scheming colleagues had hoped they would have gone.

But behind the scenes, Ananda Reddy has still been playing, all along, more than an active part in stoking and keeping alive the controversy that is designed undermine the existing management of the S.A.A.T. in order to replace it with a new order of power and management that they hope will be controlled by him and the other integral yoga impostors….

Click here to find out more about Ananda’s Reddys’s activities behind the scenes…


Ananda Reddy’s fear of Western Cultural Pollution:

It is only an Integral Yoga Impostor who publicly calls himself an “Aurobindonian” and who can in the same breath say that the influence of the “West” on India and Indians is a form of  “pollution”.

Watch how Ananda Reddy praises Rajiv Malhotra on this video for not having got “polluted” by the West (go to 3 min., 50 sec.).


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  1. An Arguer May 11, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Ananda Reddy is an argumentative chap who thinks that he is always right. Every time he wishes to argue he should visit this website:

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