Report an IYI

Do you know of an Integral Yoga Impostor who is not listed here?

Please report it here in the comments section. We’ll publish the case after verification.

Thank you!

2 responses to “Report an IYI

  1. Donny Lee Duke October 20, 2016 at 3:22 pm

    I would like to report myself. I’m not joking, but I am speaking from the perspective of how I must look to others in the yoga, the work I do on the web. On our Facebook page (ours because I share it with a fellow sadhak) I say what must appear as the most self-promoting and deceitful things a sadhak could say, that I’ve been in the Silence, that I’ve found my soul, that I’ve had a momentary experience of Supermind, and that’s not to mention writing poetry that, without coming out and saying it, I present as overmental inspiration (if you’re up on these things, a direct supramental inspiration isn’t yet possible on earth).

    If that were all it would be enough to get me into the impostor hall of fame, but there’s more, the most damning part. I won’t here put that part because it becomes quite apparent as you read the poems, a long march of them on our page that begin some weeks back. The most latest one, “Pardon, Tell the Truth, Are You a Satellite”, the one with the pic of the dancing Rottweiler, will clue you in right away, though you do have to read a lot to get there. You seem to have the same problem I do: wordy expositions. I will say though that mine you should not find too boring.

    I can see that you came to be largely out of the Heehs’ controversy, and that you haven’t posted on your homepage since 2013, and so chances are no one will read this except your occasional visitors who takes the time to read the comments. I might tell you, if you do still check and see if any impostors are reported, and the occasional visitor, that appearances can be quite deceiving, and it takes more than reading or listening to what someone wrote or said to judge if they are impostors or not. It takes even more than an inner look at their lower being and how it expresses itself and whether or not it completely surrenders to the psychic influence. It takes an understanding that we’re all impostors compared to what it means to be actually doing the 24/7 full sadhana as sincerely as we can do it, which is with total sincerity. I don’t know where you are on that note, but I could probably make a safe guess that you’re not there yet.

    I really have a hard time thinking of a more fundamentalist and narrow approach to healing our yoga of insincerity than having such a place here where someone can report anyone, and you’ll investigate the charge of witchcraft and, once you’ve verified, it, out them to the public. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything within the yoga that goes against its most basic aims and practices more than this little reporting page. I say this because you’re actively opposing oneness, and isn’t oneness the core teaching, what Supermind sees, what the Mother and Sri Aurobindo show us?

    My Facebook page:

    • Admin. October 21, 2016 at 1:44 pm

      Dear Reader,
      Before you report yourself as an Integral Yoga Impostor, we suggest you check if you meet our qualification requirements which are broadly indicated in our website’s “About IYI” page.
      Unless you have achieved the notoriety of those listed on our website, we are afraid that we will not be hastily adding you to our list. We would also not recommend you to join this exclusive club.
      Best Regards,

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