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Ananda Reddy – Auroville’s “Director”???

In the year 2009 a lot of noise was still being made about Columbia University Press’s (CUP) statement which described Peter Heehs as a “co-founder” of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram archives department.

Those like Ananda Reddy who sought  to malign Peter Heehs called him a liar, a traitor, someone who used deception and self-promotion; because they alleged that Peter Heehs was never assigned such a designation by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust; that he used the “co-founder” designation merely to prop his credibility and increase the sales of his book. They sought to discredit Peter Heehs’ work, making the most absurd attempts to discontinue the publication of his book “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo” because of CUP’s statement – which as a matter of fact happens to be a rather accurate description of Peter Heehs’ role and work at the S.A.A.T.

But while Ananda Reddy and his ilk were drawing all their ire and attention on Peter Heehs, not many noticed that on the sly the real impostors like Ananda Reddy himself were not satisfied with calling themselves “Scholars”; they needed more, much more.

This is when, in the year 2009, Ananda Reddy appointed himself as the “Director” of the renowned, futuristic and Universal township of Auroville [Click here].

While Ananda Reddy is understandably grinning in front of the camera of a naive, ignorant but well-meaning Spanish cameraman and writer, the question is, do the Aurovillians know that since the year 2009 they and Auroville have been under the “direction” of Ananda Reddy?