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The Sraddhalu Ranade – Govind Nishar nexus of fraud

Sraddhalu Ranade’s fraudulent activities have been exposed again. Click here, and here for full details.

Little did the followers of Sraddhalu Ranade know that he could stoop so low, so as to hide behind aliases and fake email ids, to promote his agenda and propaganda of hate towards the Trustees of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Ambition has been known to poison and blind even the wisest of men. Imagine then what it can do to an impostor!

The same venomous ambition did not spare Sraddhalu’s close aide and associate, Govind Nishar, Vice President of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation of North America (SAYFNA) having the alternate internet domain name “www.deviceinternational.com.” From henceforth, Govind Nishar must be advised to call himself President of Vices at Deceive International.

Sraddhalu’s and Govind’s pathetic attempts to dupe people by trying to make them believe that they were the two most sincere devotees of their Master and always at the service of Truth has failed once again… and forever. Sraddhalu’s desire to supplant the Ashram trustees in order to pave the way for a new power structure within the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in which he would find a central role is falling apart. Govind who had seen a ray hope in trying to establish his American center at the epicenter of the business of integral yoga and other related money-making activities such as his million dollar pool must also be realizing that banking on Sraddhalu Ranade must not have been a good idea.

The Sraddhalu Ranade-Govind Nishar duo must be realizing that empires that are built on fraud have a short, troubled life, after all.